Daily grind
Thursday January 05th 2006, 3:33 pm
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In an normal workday, here is where my paycheck goes, per minute.

Federal tax 9:00 AM

Social Security tax 10:19 AM

Medicare 10:49 AM

401k 10:56 AM

Car 11:35 AM

Car insurance 12:08 PM

Mortgage interest 12:26 PM

Mortgage principal 1:57 PM

Property tax 2:15 PM

Electricity/gas 2:41 PM

TV 2:47 PM

Internet 2:52 PM

Video games 2:56 PM

Cell phone 3:01 PM

Food 3:11 PM

Savings/misc 4:06 PM

5:00 PM

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I played Xbox today at Future Shop it was some racing game with a very restrictive and small track and it was a dark city and I had a crappy car and the game didn’t look too good compared to my personal computer video games!

Comment by daryl 01.05.06 @ 6:00 pm

Do you feel better or worse after making that graph? I’m guessing worse.

(And on another note, hey! I read your site years and years ago, and just recently found a link to it on some really old archives on my site. Glad to see it’s still around. Diddly on, man.)

Comment by jason 01.10.06 @ 2:49 pm

Hi happyscrappy jason! I still see you in my referrer logs as causing 404s. Keep up the fight.
You’re a much better blogger than I am, so I’m going to have to take some time and read all your riveting posts.
To answer your question, I felt better after making this chart. I was worried that I only had a few minutes of working time for savings/misc money, but it turned out I had a whole hour! I’ve since rescheduled my work day so that I use the restroom facilities largely during my Social Security or Mortgage Interest time, to really stick it to the Man.

Comment by Dave 01.10.06 @ 3:00 pm

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